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Today shined a spotlight on Brad Dacus and his SPLC-designated hate group Pacific Justice Institute. The Estero Bay Republican Women Federated brought Brad and his hatemongering to a luncheon at the public Morro Bay Golf Course.


Brad Dacus with a reporter at the Golf Course


Women Federated at their opening convocation

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HRC’s vice president Fred Sainz gushed over presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s latest excuse for not accepting Florida’s recent legalization of marriage equality in a Washington Post article! Accepting the “religious liberty” excuse for bigotry is a discriminatory stance and as such prompted a delivery of coal to the Human Rights Campaign.

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In front of the Supreme Court this morning for the Hobby Lobby / Conestoga case. Religious liberty claims used to deny women’s health care not much different than religious liberty claims behind public accommodation refusal bills against the LGBT community…