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We joined ACT UP NY last bight to denounce the Human Rights Campaign’s frequent practice of “pinkwashing”, as we’ve done before, with their Corporate Equality Index. Folks in San Francisco also joined the fun at the old Harvey Milk camera store.


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HRC’s vice president Fred Sainz gushed over presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s latest excuse for not accepting Florida’s recent legalization of marriage equality in a Washington Post article! Accepting the “religious liberty” excuse for bigotry is a discriminatory stance and as such prompted a delivery of coal to the Human Rights Campaign.

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Santa’s Letter To HRC told Chad just why he and his Human Right’s Campaign (HRC) is on his naughty list:


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The full text of Santa’s letter to HRC, video of the letter reading, and more action coverage here.

At DC Pride we try to find someone at HRC that can tell us why they are still pushing that bad ENDA despite everyone now knowing its religious exemptions are harmful to not only our community but to many others as well.



Leah Brown finds the HRC contingent…

Much more on the D.C. Pride Parade and our attempts to find an HRC person who would explain their $2M ENDA  campaign here.

Art project at HRC Headquarters DC 

Nice informative installation until HRC staff came out and removed it. And legal counsel made sure our activist left the premises. But no one at HRC would say why their new $2M campaign to push ENDA 2013 through the House despite the broad religious exemptions that will legalize discrimination against members of the LGBT community…




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