Catholic University’s #LIFTCUA March For Reform

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The flier read “We, the collective student body, believe that our university is filled with opportunity and promise. We are in complete opposition to policies that undermine CUA’s ability to flourish. We want your word, John Garvey, that you will lift The Catholic University of America to a higher level of academic esteem and return out school to a respectable position.”


Their stated mission: “To engage in meaningful deliberation with our University’s leadership and push for the implementation of serious reform in the areas of: academic freedom, students’ free speech, and the overall image of The Catholic University of America.”

Here is video and a few pics from #LIFTCUA’s March For Reform:


IMG_6881 IMG_6841IMG_6865 IMG_6843 IMG_6858 IMG_6852



  1. October 9, 2014

    Kyra Lyons
    Executive Director of Alumni Relations
    The Catholic University of America
    Division of University Advancement
    PO Box 91481
    Washington, DC 20077-7699

    Ms. Lyons,

    I received your letter asking me to make a “…gift to the Reunion Giving Campaign.”

    I am not inclined at this time, or in the future, to make any financial contribution to CUA. As long as the university denies their LGBTQ students the legitimate ability to organize, meet and express who they are on campus, I will continue to speak out against Catholic University and its policies of denigrating, minimizing and ignoring the needs of their LGBTQ students.

    It is unfortunate that the university administration recently blocked the showing of “Milk” due to the size of a rainbow on the flyer. Really? As a student in the 60’s on campus, there were greater issues than “rainbows”: WAR. Students stood in silent protest of the war in Vietnam on the lawn between the shrine and the Campus, protested against ABM, supported Rev Charles Curran by shutting down the university for days; religious faculty openly spoke of their support for married priests, abortion and homosexuality.

    LGBTQ students, faculty, administrators and alumnae/i (after all I am one) exist.
    Until the University reaches out to their LGBTQ students and moves in a positive direction with them, I, in good faith and heart, will not contribute to any solicitation.

    Charles S. Kaminski
    Class of 1969

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