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In front of the Supreme Court this morning for the Hobby Lobby / Conestoga case. Religious liberty claims used to deny women’s health care not much different than religious liberty claims behind public accommodation refusal bills against the LGBT community…



We went out to the White House yesterday to ask the same question we have been asking for years – why no EO, Obama?



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Art project at HRC Headquarters DC 

Nice informative installation until HRC staff came out and removed it. And legal counsel made sure our activist left the premises. But no one at HRC would say why their new $2M campaign to push ENDA 2013 through the House despite the broad religious exemptions that will legalize discrimination against members of the LGBT community…




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On today’s Global Day of Action, another trip to the Washington, D.C. Ugandan Embassy was made to deliver a 2nd eviction notice (the first notice delivered last week apparently ignored):


and we left a copy of the “Red Pepper” Homophobe Expose Edition featuring the Ambassdor. What is Uganda doing to stop the fear and persecution of Uganda’s LGBTI community being perpetrated not only by its own Government criminalizing their very existence but by shameless tabloids doing the government’s dirty work?



At the DC offices of Mississippi Senators we wondered if they will be on the right side of history. The Mississippi House Judiciary Committee voted to advance #SB2681 the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. The full Mississippi House vote is up next.

The Campaign for Southern Equality has put out a call to “Take Action on Mississippi’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (SB 2681)” against their so-called ‘religious liberty’ bill, another in a recent spate to hit at the state level. Check out:

Make your voice heard !

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