Today shined a spotlight on Brad Dacus and his SPLC-designated hate group Pacific Justice Institute. The Estero Bay Republican Women Federated brought Brad and his hatemongering to a luncheon at the public Morro Bay Golf Course.


Brad Dacus with a reporter at the Golf Course


Women Federated at their opening convocation

Get all the details here.

IMG_9295cThe Republican Party of San Luis Obispo County welcomed Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to their Presidential Speaker Series this week.

1AngryOldLesbian had our own welcome to SLO, the home base of one of our founders – a lovely Welcome Wagon basket for the GOP’s #1 Anti-gay Presidential hopeful filled with loads of gay goodies:


The basket also included our letter to the Senator:





Sadly, both the reporter and the photographer were “otherwise engaged” and missed the Welcome Wagon gifting.

So for that image we are left to our imaginations…



The local San Luis Obispo’s Tribune provided local coverage here.

Our Letter to the Editor (restricted to a max 200 words) concerning Cruz’s visit:

To the Editor:

On Monday I attended the Ted Cruz speech in Nipomo. I was interested in hearing him address his views on LGBTQ and women’s rights, and was planning to deliver a Welcome Wagon-like basket of goodies and invitations to next month’s Pride events.

Since moving to the County in 1994, I consider this my home and think fondly of its people and beautiful environs.  For these reasons, I am concerned when people like Senator Cruz, for their own political gain, rally the electorate with rhetoric inspiring a “us vs them” mentality, which often translates into hate, rather than conversation.

Since Mr. Cruz’s wife was raised in the County, and her parents are still here, I imagine the Senator visits with some regularity, which is different from having another presidential candidate just passing through on a campaign sweep. I do not believe the people of San Luis Obispo County actually hold many of Ted Cruz’s polarizing views, particularly if you go beneath the applause lines.

The New Times of San Luis summed it up best with a snarky editorial that opened:

Where else could a Latino who was born in Canada to a Cuban father who fought alongside Fidel Castro grow up to be an anti-immigration, anti-Communist, science-denying, flag-draped “Christian” American presidential candidate and same-sex marriage opponent?

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En route to Texas today, stopped in at Springfield, MO’s No Repeal Campaign headquarters. Everyone is hard at work for the final weekend push to save the hard fought for job and housing protections from Ballot Question 1’s attempted repeal. Can’t pull folks away so many thanks to Brie for the “Show Me” hospitality getting a few pics!

Some folks will remember Springfield MA’s Scott Lively “Trojan Horse” performance to help get the original ordinance shelved. We don’t forget…




These folks could really use some assistance phone banking, $$$, etc. before the April 7th vote. If you can help out head over to to their site here.

@NoRepealSGF #SGFVoteNo

Pics from this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast hosted by the secretive bigots at The Family, aka The Fellowship. Once again this year many legislators and anti-gay leaders, along with the President and even the Dalai Lama attended. Tony Perkins was heckled to “stop the homophobia it kills, and you’re good at it Tony!” This year we were joined by Dalai Lama protesters and KXL opponents.

IMG_8140 IMG_8154 IMG_8164 IMG_8169

We continued our appeal to the Dalai Lama to speak out. See yesterday’s coverage here.

We joined ACT UP NY last bight to denounce the Human Rights Campaign’s frequent practice of “pinkwashing”, as we’ve done before, with their Corporate Equality Index. Folks in San Francisco also joined the fun at the old Harvey Milk camera store.


IMG_8030Read all our coverage with more pics, video and tweets here.



HRC’s vice president Fred Sainz gushed over presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s latest excuse for not accepting Florida’s recent legalization of marriage equality in a Washington Post article! Accepting the “religious liberty” excuse for bigotry is a discriminatory stance and as such prompted a delivery of coal to the Human Rights Campaign.

Read all about it here.

Santa’s Letter To HRC told Chad just why he and his Human Right’s Campaign (HRC) is on his naughty list:


HRC1224ET2 HRC1224i


The full text of Santa’s letter to HRC, video of the letter reading, and more action coverage here.

Today’s rally at the Kyrgyz Emabssy in D.C.

IMG_7017 IMG_7029IMG_7019 IMG_7028

and then the meeting inside with Embassy staff.


Afterwards, Michael Lavers gets Viachaslau Bortnik’s reflections on the hour long meeting with Kyrgyz Embassy staff about their proposed anti-gay legislation:


Washington D.C. Day(s) of Action for #WorldVsBank and #ReclaimPower. The World bank needs to STOP funding homophobia!  They should Safeguard People & The Planet, Not Corporate & Human Rights Abuses.

WorldVBank3 WorldVBank2 AlFromIraq

Also had the please of listening to Simran Shaikh of India HIV/AIDS Alliance speak on National Coming Out Day for the #WorldVsBank Safeguard People & The Planet, Not Corporate & Human Rights Abuses campaign:


The flier read “We, the collective student body, believe that our university is filled with opportunity and promise. We are in complete opposition to policies that undermine CUA’s ability to flourish. We want your word, John Garvey, that you will lift The Catholic University of America to a higher level of academic esteem and return out school to a respectable position.”


Their stated mission: “To engage in meaningful deliberation with our University’s leadership and push for the implementation of serious reform in the areas of: academic freedom, students’ free speech, and the overall image of The Catholic University of America.”

Here is video and a few pics from #LIFTCUA’s March For Reform:


IMG_6881 IMG_6841IMG_6865 IMG_6843 IMG_6858 IMG_6852